Coastal Science Campus

UC Santa Cruz Coastal Science Campus

Facilities currently located at the Coastal Science Campus include UCSC's Long Marine Laboratory and its Seymour Marine Discovery Center and Center for Ocean Health; the National Marine Fisheries Service Santa Cruz Laboratory (NOAA Fisheries lab); and a California Department of Fish and Wildlife lab. The Coastal Biology building will be just north of the NOAA Fisheries lab, with a new parking lot adjoining the existing NOAA parking lot.

Wells Fargo Coastal Science Research Center

In 1999, UCSC purchased approximately 55 acres adjacent to Long Marine Laboratory from Wells Fargo Bank, including the developable area where the new Coastal Biology building will be constructed. This area, which may include additional buildings in the future, has been named the Wells Fargo Coastal Science Research Center.

California Coastal Commission approval

The Coastal Biology building is the first major construction project to be carried out under UCSC's Coastal Long Range Development Plan (CLRDP), which was approved by the California Coastal Commission in 2009 after an eight-year planning process. The CLRDP is a comprehensive land-use plan that guides possible future development at the Coastal Science Campus. It provides clustered development zones for new facilities while setting aside 72 acres of the 100-acre site as part of the Younger Lagoon Reserve for preservation of sensitive habitat and environmental research, teaching, and restoration. In October 2013, the Coastal Commission reviewed the Coastal Biology building project and approved it as consistent with the CLRDP.

Infrastructure upgrades

In addition to the Coastal Biology building, the construction project will also include a number of major infrastructure upgrades called for in the CLRDP, including a new entrance, entrance road (relocation of McAllister Way), paths for walking and biking, improvements to underground utilities, and a small public access parking lot.

Younger Lagoon Reserve expansion and habitat restoration

Younger Lagoon Reserve, part of the UC Natural Reserve System, was established in 1986 as a 25-acre reserve of lagoon, beach, marsh, and coastal scrub habitat adjacent to Long Marine Laboratory. In 2008, the reserve was expanded to include 47 additional acres of land on the upland terrace site of the Coastal Science Campus. Formerly an agricultural field, the site now includes seasonal wetlands and other environmentally sensitive habitat. A habitat restoration program that incorporates research and teaching activities has been implemented by UCSC Natural Reserve staff, with guidance from a scientific advisory committee.