Currently there are 137 paved and 48 unpaved public-access parking spaces within the Coastal Science Campus (CSC). No parking permits are required.

The new Coastal Biology Building requires the construction of 120 additional paved parking spaces. In addition, Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) hopes to expand the existing parking lot near the Seymour Marine Discovery Center by an additional 27 spaces. The total costs of these projects is estimated to be $1.6M. With a small new visitor lot near the CSC entrance, the final number of parking spaces at the end of the project will be 360.

Parking management will likely commence once the Seymour parking lot has been expanded (potentially Fall of 2016), requiring permits for all vehicles in university parking lots during weekday daylight hours. Employees will be able to purchase “A” permits, which will also allow parking at the main campus in most non-restricted parking lots.